Espinho City Council


Espinho City Council CC BY-NC-SA Dario

Espinho City Council CC BY-NC-SA Nemigo

Espinho City Council CC BY-NC-SA Jochen Laier


Espinho, a few km away from the Airport, has easy ways of communication within the country and also abroad.

To those who visit it, it offers, in addition to its famous beaches, the oldest Golf Course in the Iberian Peninsula, an Aerodrome, a Casino, a Sports Centre, a Tennis Complex, an Horse Riding Centre, various swimming pools, a Multimedia Centre, an Art and Culture Forum integrating the city’s Museum, the largest weekly street market in the country and a “Balneário Marinho” that uses the richness of its beaches as therapeutic property.

In the cultural field, we highlight multiple festivals: the CINANIMA - Animated Cinema, the International Music Festival, the International Festival of Living Statues, the International Festival of Immersive Cinema, the Historical Recreation of "Ir a Banhos", the major sports events, among others.

The long sea walk, the geometric structure of the centre of the city, where streets have no names but only numbers: the even numbers belong to streets that are parallel to the sea, and the odd numbers belong to those who stand perpendicular to it.

Praça Dr. José Salvador
4501-901 Espinho, Portugal

Phone:. +351 227 335 800
Fax:. +351 227 335 852