About ARPT in Porto and the North

The Regional Agencies for Touristic Promotion (ARPT) are private law, non-profit, associations comprised by representatives of the economic agents in tourism, a relevant number of private companies with touristic activity and entities from the public sector, namely the Tourism Regional Entities.

The Associação de Turismo do Porto, created in 1995 with the main purpose of promoting Porto and the North in the business segment, assuming since 2010 the Porto and North Promotional Area. At the moment, its activity is framed in the new Regional External Touristic Promotion model, defined for the 2011-2018 period, which has as its main assumptions, that Tourism is a strategic sector of the economy and the intensification of direct partnerships with tourism companies.


The model's objectives are:

  • More effective promotion through larger articulation between the public and the private sectors,
  • Larger integration between the image promotion, the commercial promotion and the product,
  • More coherence and synergies,
  • Strengthening the means, namely financial, available for promotion.