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Archaeology in the north of Portugal

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Are you passionate about archaeology? Then you really should visit the north of Portugal. Explore the imposing scenery characteristic of the region, and your journey will make a lasting impression.

Not got much spare time? Don’t let that put you off: a weekend is enough to see some of the imposing and symbolic monuments that give the scenery of northern Portugal its beauty. We suggest beginning your trip in Guimarães,  the “cradle of Portugal”. At the top of a hill you’ll find a castle that is over two thousand years old, and is one of the best preserved fortifications in the country. Visit the top of the castle and admire the view.

If you want to travel alongside the Douro River, you’ll also find extremely interesting sites to visit. Stop off in Amarante and stay to learn about the bridge crossing the River Tâmega. We recommend trying the region’s traditional sweets. Have you ever tasted “Papos de Anjo”? 

In Vila Real, visit the Fraga de Panóias, a national monument and an archaeological jewel in Portugal. Close to the border, you shouldn’t miss the Côa Valley Archaeological Park. It is the largest Paleolithic period rock art open-air complex in the world and a World Heritage site. Don’t miss this magnificent legacy left by our ancestors.

You’ll come across 25,000 years of pre-history. If you want to better understand the engravings, you can always take a guided tour with an expert. There are 17 kilometres of Palaeolithic art. Discover mountain goats, horses, wild bulls, deer and long-legged warriors brandishing spears. A visit like this to our past never stops being an original experience.



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