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Armamar, Montain Apple Capital - Tour


Douro is particularly known for its romantic landscapes and wines, but it’s more than just that. There are also other features that characterize this region and that can be uncovered by you during your trip. 

Such is the case of Maçã da Montanha in Armamar, a Portuguese village. 

With beautiful scenery and expansive apple orchards, Armamar is dedicated to cultivating apples at altitudes between 500 and 800 meters, which produces fruit with unique characteristics.

The Armamar apples are more aromatic, crispier and tastier than those produced in other regions.

The city of Armamar is one of the largest domestic producers of apples. More than 50 thousand tons of apples are produced per year.

The upcoming months are an excellent time to visit this area and discover the Maçã da Montanha Path.

At the height of the Summer, you can stroll through the southern part of the city, where the expansive apple orchards are located, and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes painted with the green of the trees, while the air is filled with the smell of apples ready for harvest. 

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