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Beaches in Porto and North of Portugal

C.M. Caminha CC BY-NC-ND

In the North of Portugal, there is a coastline of more than 100 km of length offering amazing beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean that are just waiting for you. We also have beautiful river beaches that are worth discovering. In addition to the excellent conditions for the practice of various water sports (surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing...), surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the North of Portugal will surprise you with its unique cultural heritage and the harmonious combination of tradition and modernity.

In Porto and Espinho

Stay one day in Porto and discover the beaches of this city. The International beach, next to the City Park, is lively by day and night, and is a prime location for the youngest or the older ones to learn how to surf. There are several surf schools operating in this area that is served by the Transparent Building.

In Espinho, the "Direita do Casino" is one of the mythical waves of the north of Portugal; it's a straight tubular wave with several sections that can end on the rocks right on the beach. Near the fishermen's quarter there are more waves to discover. Both beaches are in fish and seafood restaurant areas.

In Espinho and Porto you can stay in one of the hotel units aimed at surfers and surf lovers, with a cozy atmosphere and a design inspired by the main points of interest of these cities. In various spots of Porto you can schedule surf and kitesurf lessons, guided tours, cruises on the Douro or you can rent bikes to explore the coastline of Porto and Espinho.

With the sun as host, another nice suggestion is to take a leisurely stroll along the beach. As part of the redevelopment of the shoreline, and taking into account the environmental sensitivity of the area, protection was built on the Portuguese coast for the dunes and miles of walkways were set up allowing you not only to access the beaches but also to take long walks by the sea. And, because there is much more to do by the sea than just going to the beach, discover tourist spots, places where you can eat and drink, and the best accommodation close to the ocean.

Explore the beaches of Northern Portugal

Hit the road towards Viana do Castelo and Caminha. The Arda Beach or Afife, a surfing destination in Viana since the 70s, is one of the most sought-after spots in the North of Portugal for this sport. Its reputation comes from the variety of waves that can be found there, caused by the wind and strong currents.

Thanks to the sandbank formed by the Minho river, the beach of Moledo in Caminha also has quality waves. This is why, along with the beautiful landscape framed by the mountain of Santa Tecla, in Spain, it is visited by many surfers, Portuguese and otherwise. Pay attention to the current that sometimes forms at the mouth of the river. This beach also offers excellent conditions for windsurfing.

Stroll through Melgaço, taste the local cuisine and the Alvarinho wine and, when you're back in the hotel, receive a shiatsu massage or a Sons do Vento (Wind Sounds) signature massage. Once you're feeling restored, venture into the Minho and live the excitement and adrenalin of going down the rapids of this river, navigable all year, on a rafting boat.

Taste the flavours of the sea

On the coastline, and everywhere in the country, you will find a gastronomy tasting of the sea. For that, you just have to try both the quality seafood or a grilled fish, freshly caught. Visit the marketplaces and the fish markets in the fishing communities of Matosinhos, Póvoa de Varzim, Vila do Conde and Viana do Castelo. If you're staying at a holiday apartment with an equipped kitchen, buy fish and cook it yourself.

And we have wines of superior quality to go with it. Ask for Alvarinho, a wine made with a white caste (homonymous) indigenous to the sub-region of Monsão and Melgaço, belonging to the "Região Demarcada dos Vinhos Verdes", characterized by an intense color, straw, with citrus reflections, an intense, distinctive, delicate and complex aroma.

In the summer, rare is the town by the sea that doesn't organize a festival or a special cultural event, with the visitors in mind. There are usually concerts, music festivals and some of these shows are free. In addition to the summer schedule, it is worth checking out the calendar of festivities that may take place in the days on which you are going to travel.

Get in touch to clarify any questions and so that we can help you with an unforgettable travel plan. On your way back home, don't forget: the experience that we propose to you is unique, but the North of Portugal has "more waters to discover". 




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