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During your stay in Porto and the North, you will also be able to experience the region’s nightlife and have entertaining nights to remember.

Porto, Braga and Guimarães are the cities with the most to offer when it comes to nightlife.

In Porto nightlife, downtown and the historical center have seen the opening of various types of bars, clubs and cafes.

They are cozy and intimate; modern and innovative.

In the downtown area, the young crowd generally gathers in small groups and goes from bar to bar until entering a nightclub.

Porto’s cultural life is enriched by countless shows, theaters and concerts that frequently fill the seats of these spaces created specifically to host these events. 

In Braga, there are also several places that attract young people and adults at night.

The bars near the city’s university center and historical center are some of the places that you must experience during your trip. 

At night in Guimarães, the heart of the city, Largo da Oliveira, becomes an area full of esplanades where everyone gathers to start the night, which usually ends in the nightclubs outside of the historical center. 

Whichever Northern city you visit, be sure to enjoy your stay by trying the region’s cuisine in one of its restaurants that, open day and night, make the delicacies loved by all who pass through here. 


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