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Devotion and Religious Festivals in Northern Portugal

In northern Portugal, you can watch several manifestations of religious devotion that are, nowadays, one of the best ways to experience tradition and popular culture.

The month of December, which is coming to an end, is the most prominent, due to both the richness of its holiday traditions, and the characteristic festivals that follow Christmas, such as the Festa dos Rapazes, but these religious and pagan celebrations are held at various times throughout the year and attract many tourists to the northern region.

If visiting Braga over Easter, for example, one can watch the Ecce Hommo Procession or the Funeral Procession on Holy Thursday, led by Franciscans parading barefoot, wearing purple robes and holding torches. 

If you choose to visit us in the summer, you can participate in the Senhora da Agonia Festivals in Viana do Castelo, from August 19th-22nd. In Guimarães, you can attend the Great Pilgrimage of S. Torcato, on the first Sunday in July.

Do your best to spend June 24th in Porto. The S. João Festival is the city’s largest celebration, filling the streets and squares of Porto with balloons, basil, plastic hammers and dancing. 

Also, between late August and mid-September, in Lamego, the famous “Pilgrimage of Portugal” takes place, dedicated to Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. 

Devotion and Religious Festivals take place throughout the year in northern Portugal. 

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