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Discover the Rio Minho Valley in Northern Portugal

Vila Nova de Cerveira City Council

The Minho River originates in Spain, but it flows through many towns and cities in Portugal, where it drains into Caminha. It is a natural border between the two countries. Follow the Minho River and learn a little more about Northern Portugal.

“Vinho Verde” is very well-known worldwide, especially the Alvarinho. On hot days, this wine is a great choice to accompany fish and seafood dishes, or to just cool off when the heat becomes too intense. The most prized “vinho verde” is produced in Monção and Melgaço. The lush landscape will make your trip unique and unforgettable, as well as the monuments that you can visit around these parts.

In Monção, you will find highly-valued monuments in Portugal’s history. In the historic center, you can visit the Matriz Church, the Misericórdia Church and the Santo António dos Capuchos Church. You can also take a break on one of the terraces or viewpoints of the city. For a drink, you can stop by one of the many outdoor terraces you can easily find on the streets of Monção.

Do not miss your opportunity to sample the lamprey, a delicacy of this region. The lamprey is caught in the Minho River, which can be seen from the banks.

On a small island in Caminha, you can see the ruins of the Forte da Ínsua, a beautiful monument that was built to defend the entrance of the sandbar. The Camarido National Forest is a great place to sunbathe and take a dip in the river.

The cuisine is also rich. Some dishes include: cornbread, sausage, cod, lamprey, trout and shad, cooked in various ways. If you are not very fond of fish, you must try the “sarrabulho” and fried pork meat.

The folklore is one of the highlights of Minho, and you can not miss spending a summer going to a religious festival. If you are looking for peace and quiet, good food and breathtaking landscapes, visit the Minho River Valley.


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