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World Heritage Site and birthplace of the famous Porto wine, the Alto Douro was the world’s first demarcated wine region. Its beautiful landscapes and cultural sights make the Douro an irresistible place for nature and wine lovers alike.

Find out the 10 reasons why the Douro should top your list of next places to visit.

1. Cellars and vineyards in Douro. Ideal places to learn about the history of wine and taste the excellent wine produced in the region.

2. Gastronomy. Seated at a table in a Douro house, you will be able to enjoy the best regional dishes and traditional desserts.

3. Artisan. Learn about various traditional tools, giving you a unique opportunity to discover the customs of those that live side by side with the region’s wine producing heritage.

4. Festivals and processions. These are a frequent sight in the region and are evidence of the hospitality and gaiety of people in the north.

5. Douro railway line. Explore the Douro by steam train and lose yourself in the tranquillity and natural beauty of its breathtaking scenery.

6. Douro river cruises. Explore the riverside and enjoy meandering between hillsides and valleys.

7. Architectural heritage. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Santuário da Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in Lemego, the Casa da Mateus in Vila Real, and other places of cultural interest.

8. Cultural events. Attend the Douro International Jazz Festival or the Sernancelhe Classical Guitar Festival, visit medieval fairs, and experience a whole host of other events.

9. Alvão Natural Park. Located next to the Marão Mountains, this park is a sanctuary for endangered animals and birds.

10. Douro International Natural Park. Practice outdoor activities in the valleys and hillsides that make up this green and wide-open landscape.


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