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Embrace Romance in one of the World’s Most Romantic Cities

João Ferrand CC BY-NC-ND

It’s no secret that Porto is a romantic city. In 2014, it was even officially declared one of the most romantic small cities in the world. Its size, compared with larger cities, like Lisbon, for example, adds to its allure and charm making it irresistible.

It will soon be Valentine's Day – what better time to visit Porto? Take advantage of the weekend to take your partner away for an unforgettable romantic break on the banks of the Douro. 

A riverside town, Porto offers a thousand and one intimate nooks, at once enchanting and steeped in local culture and history. Wander through the old city streets and walkways, and stop off for a glass of Port in one of the wine bars of the historic centre. Take the heritage tram out to the estuary at Foz do Douro. In good weather, the City Park is the ideal place for a picnic for two.

After spending the afternoon exploring Porto’s other wonders, enjoy a sunset river cruise along the Douro. Relax and exchange vows of love with the bridges of the Douro as a backdrop. This is the moment to choose a restaurant for dinner, and what better than a really traditional Porto meal?

Finish off the evening with a drink at one of the Porto city sites. By now, you’ll probably be thinking about getting some rest. Choose one of the many hotels the city has to offer. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

If you need any help planning your romantic visit to Porto, contact us! We’ll be delighted to assist you. We’re certain you’re going to love this city and, if so, come back in the next year to renew your vows!


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