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Events not to miss in Northern Portugal, in March 2015

Luis Ferraz

Porto and Northern Portugal are increasingly becoming centers for cultural attractions. Whether you’re planning a visit to Porto, Guimarães, Braga or Viana do Castelo this March, you’re going to find a wide range of exhibitions, theater productions and other events to awaken your interest.

You can learn more here about each of these events and discover why Northern Portugal is becoming increasingly synonymous with cultural development and sharing experiences.

«Pintar a Ideia - 3 momentos» - Manuel Casimiro


City: Porto

Where: Ginkgo Gallery

This exhibition of one of the most important contemporary Portuguese painters is structured in 3 parts: «Paisagens – o Ecrã», «Jogos» e «Para além do olhar - Movimento Invisível». Three subdivisions that, corresponding to three creative moments of the artist are like three small exhibitions together.

«A Revolução Está na Rua» - Stefano Pacini


City: Guimarães

Where: Fnac Guimarães

The digital images from this Stefano Pacini’s set are a report conducted by Stefano Pacini, when I was 19 years old, during a trip to Portugal, in September 1975, where record socio-political events, occurring in Lisbon. The photographs were taken with FP4 Ilfordfilm and a reflex Yashica 35 mm, with a 50 mm lens.

«Monuments in Reverse» - Ângela Ferreira


City: Guimarães

Where: Centro para os Assuntos de Arte e Arquitectura (CAAA)

The solo exhibition «Monuments in Reverse» brings together, for the first time, a set of works by Ângela Ferreira, carried out between 2008 and 2012, who started from investigative processes, creating, however, separate installations whose intimate relationships tend to remain unexplored from the curatorial point of view. Having as goal the opening of a space of visibility to the conceptual and formal interstices which sustains its practice in general and these works in particular, this exhibition has a clearly nature documentary and procedural.

“Soundtracks - 100 Portraits of Portuguese Music” - Rita Carmo

Until: 21.03.2015

City: Braga

Where: Fnac Braga Parque

Bandas Sonoras (Soundtracks) is an exhibition featuring portraits of Portuguese musicians, made up of photos taken between 2008 and 2013. Not following a strict order, the exhibition takes visitors on a tour of snapshots of the artists, accompanied by a music collection of these artists, presented as an authentic soundtrack to listen to when viewing the exhibition.

“Puss in Boots”, by Fernando Gomes

Until: 24.03.2015

City: Viana do Castelo

Where: Sá de Miranda Municipal Theater

A production by the TIL – the Lisbon Children’s Theater, based on Charles Perrault, with the stage adaptation by Fernando Gomes. In a small village in an imaginary kingdom, there lived a Miller who only had three possessions: a Mill, a Donkey and a Cat. When the time came to split his three sons’ inheritance, he gave the Mill to his eldest son and the Donkey to the second. The youngest son realized he was only going to receive the Cat, and was quite comfortless, because a Cat – so he thought – was useless, because it was worth less than a Donkey and a lot less than a Mill! However the Cat, who even convinces the boy to buy him a nice hat and some beautiful boots to join him on a journey around the kingdom, comes to show the boy that a loyal and astute friend, like the Cat, can be worth more than all the world’s riches. With a magical setting, fantastical costumes and nice songs, the entertaining Puss in Boots shows that it’s possible to be successful if you face life with a confident outlook! It also makes people think that having a friend is really more important than all the world’s treasures!

“Mandela: A Cell the Size of the World” - with Nuno Miguel Henriques

Until: 27.03.2015

City: Porto

Where: Sá da Bandeira Theater (TSB)

This theatrical performance combines passions, hatred and beauty, with the flavors of Africa and its roots in the world. A tribute to Nelson Mandela and all who fight a daily battle for peace in a complex world and in contemporary society. A poetic, romantic and historic reading of a complex life, where tranquility reigns and the human being represents a theme that guides action, political and social options, and attitudes before fellow humans. A contemporary piece offering readings for the world.

«Rituais com Máscaras: um Face-a-Face»


City: Guimarães

Where: Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães - CIAJG

Held in partnership with the Museu de Abade de Baçal, the exhibition establishes a symbolic rapprochement between the rich universe of the African art collection of José de Guimarães, in booty in CIAJG, and a wide range of materials depicting winter rituals of various parties transmontanas (north) from the collection of the Museum of Abade de Baçal, in Bragança. Oscillating between the material and the immaterial, the tradition and contemporaneity, the familiar and the strange, this project intends to, according to the specific codes of contemporary art, revisit and make known to the younger generation an ancestor and idiosyncratic dimension of the portuguese culture.

“Oracular Spectacular” - Drawing and Animism

Until: 05.04.2015

City: Guimarães

Where: International José de Guimarães Arts Center - CIAJG

“Oracular Spectacular” brings together several authorial universes around a practice of a common time and idiosyncratic drawing, while an engaging in an expanded field of study in the world. Participants include Daniel Barroca, Alexandre Conefrey, Mattia Denisse, Otelo Fabião, Jorge Feijão, Rui Moreira, Pedro A. H. Paixão, Gonçalo Pena, António Poppe, Paulo Serra and Thierry Simões.

«Artistas Unidos no Porto» - Jorge Gonçalves


City: Matosinhos

Where: Fnac NorteShopping

«There's 20 years we exist, we, the Artistas Unidos. And, since the beginning, we've come so often to Porto that we already know all the corners -and we like. It is good. We debuted shows (Coriolanus by William Shakespeare, in a fresh remodel Rivoli, or The Lover by Harold Pinter, at the Pequeno Auditório), we presented orselves on tour (so often in the Carlos Alberto, others in Rivoli, some in Campo Alegre, in Helena Sá e Costa, in the Balletatro), we came to Fitei often, we co-produce with the TNSJ (La locandiera of Goldoni, Homecoming by Harold Pinternow, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams), we want to go back, don't you? Just let us know.»Jorge Silva Melo

«Memórias D'Ofícios»

Until: 05.04.2015

City: Vila Real

Where: Vila Velha Museum

Based on the primitive and traditional wealth represented by the knowledge and techniques of popular craftsmen from times gone by, we decided to build an exhibition about the crafts and arts already extinct, or where the methods and techniques of past traditions have changed. Many of these roles or working methods have disappeared or significantly changed with progress, and consequently, the techniques for manufacturing utensils or items used daily in society have also had to evolve, and some have disappeared completely. The documental exhibition will display images of officials and objects, tools and working products for these jobs. The exhibition will represent 44 professions graphically and visually or through sound, as a remainder of a series of other professions still to be shown.

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