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Exhibitions you can’t miss during your visit to Northern Portugal

Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR CC BY-NC-ND

The city of Porto and the northern region of Portugal has undergone transformation during recent years and today is a completely different destination from that of just half a decade ago. The cultural activities the city has to offer have steadily increased and today this is a city focused on creative industries, the stage for conceptualised artistic and cultural events, which draw in the portuenses or Porto locals.

If you are going to be in Porto during the next few weeks, check out the exhibitions you could visit in the city:


«Brejo» - Tânia Cadima


City: Guimarães

Where: Fnac Guimarães

'Brejo is a personal essay, autobiographical, which aims to explore a place that is familiar but which always kept a certain distance. The visits are usually sparse and short. This time I return to Brejo with time and is with with melancholy that I testimony and document my own absence. Brejo appears as double place. A geographical place, characterized by the proximity of water, fountains and streams, surrounding swampy soils, by the abundant presence of vegetation, bushes, wet and cold shadows and by the constant passing of wind. A psychological place, where you go when you fall into oblivion, when you are elevated to the abandonment, where he you serve a sentence'. Tania Cadima

«Monir Farmanfarmaian: Infinite Possibility (Infinita Possibilidade)»


City: Porto

Where: MAC de Serralves

'Monir Farmanfarmaian: Infinite Possibility' will be the first retrospective of works on mirror and drawings rom the iranian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian (n. Qazvin, Iran, 1924). The exhibition will focus on the sculptural and graphic work of Farmanfarmaian, developed over more than forty years between the 1970's and the actuality, and the resource of the artist to the principles of repetition and progression as an expression of 'infinite possibility'. The exhibit will reveal how the compositional principles elements of that period resulted in larger works made by order - including a series of enfraved glass doors, designed in 1980 for a dwelling in New York - and in sculptures of mirror of themost spectacular dimensions based on the concept of geometric 'families' that the artist produced in the last decade, after in 2004, she was back to Tehran and then reinstalled her studio.

«Rien» - André Cepeda


City: Guimarães

Where: Centro Cultural Vila Flor (CCVF)

This exhibition summarizes the evaluative reasoning of an ideal of truth, whose political and social criticism implicit manifests through the talent of the artist. In 'Rien', the nudity and the latent cruelty in many recorded details become more intense and perceived in each look, proposing the interiorization of the suffering, the pain, the loneliness, decay, abandonment, segregation, as a search motor for a new uncorrupted or unjust reality. The black and white photographs returns to the image its primal essence. Between the captured fact and the observer, the vision of André Cepeda prints an eminent socio-political dimension, materialized in a sincere and introspective act of protest.

«Parque: Os Cones e Outros Lugares» - Ricardo Jacinto


City: Guimarães

Where: Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães - CIAJG

The current exhibition revisits 'Parque', the wider and complex project that Ricardo Jacinto (Lisbon, 1975) conducted to this date, and invests the uncharted territory that was designed when the extensive collective of artists and musicians who gathered around the author disbanded. Ricardo Jacinto crosses in his sculpture work, architecture and music to create pieces in which the spectator is summoned to perceptive and intense experiences and sometimes unusual.

«A Magia da Caça» - Graça Morais


City: Bragança

Where: Centro de Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais

As an ancient drama characters, prey and hunter are a set of works performed by Graça Morais, between 1978 and 1979, in Paris, a disturbing reflective analysis around the organization of the traditional society transmontana (Trás-os-Montes). In an apparent poetic vision of life in the country, marked by the exuberance of the chromatic palette with which she saturates the canvas, Graça Morais introduces the theme of hunting, questions about the legitimacy of a universe ruled by ambivalence between the condition of a man and a woman, indicted by the subtle games of power and submission, love and death, and lead us to paradoxical and unexpected worlds.

«O Processo SAAL: Arquictetura e Participação, 1974-1976»


City: Porto

Where: MAC de Serralves

Exhibition dedicated to the SAAL - Serviço Ambulatório de Apoio Local (Outpatient Service of Local Support), an architectural program that marked Portugal post April 25(started in August 1974 and lasted until October 1976) and which tried, according to a participatory process, to involve architects and needy populations. This was a collective and bold adventure, which transformed the perception of many architects in relation to the social function of their profession.

«Photos de um Outro Porto»


City: Porto

Where: Shopping Cidade do Porto

At the Shopping Cidade do Porto the space 'Photos de um Outro Porto' hosts various exhibitions throughout the year. Through the partnership between the Shopping Cidade do Porto and the Centro Português de Fotografia, in the pop-up store at the 2 floor of the shopping, you can visit since 3 October the exhibition'A Torre dos Clérigos e os seus Fotógrafos' produced by CPF in collaboration with the Irmandade dos Clérigos in the ambit of the celebrations of the 250 years of this emblematic monument of the city of Porto. You can also view a set of 6 Photographic Cameras belonging to the collection of cameras and Photographic Equipments from the Portuguese Photography Centre / Collection António Pedro Vicente.


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