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Festa da Castanha

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Between October 25-27 Vinhais, a small town in the Trás-os-Montes region, will host the largest Chestnut Festival this part of Portugal has ever seen, not only because the event aims to enter the Guinness World Records once again, but also due to the tonnes of chestnuts that will be part of the festival over these three days.

The Vinhais's "Festa da Castanha" is already a traditional event in the north of the country. The event is a celebration of the culture, tradition, heritage and environmental and natural resources of the region, and a perfect opportunity for visitors to learn about this abundance.

As well as chestnuts and the different dishes and sweets made from this fruit, visitors of the Vinhais's "Festa da Castanha" – held in the Parque de Feiras (Festival Park) and Exposições da Vila (Town Exhibition Centre) – can go on mountain biking excursions and watch confectionary competitions, equestrian demonstrations, bullfighting and other activities. 

The “Biggest Chestnut-roasting Oven in the World” will kick start the festival from 3pm on 25 October. Last year, this oven roasted a thousand kilograms of chestnuts simultaneously, and this year will try to beat its own record.

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