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Festa do Chocalheiro

Adriano Pereira All Rights Reserved

The "Festa do Chocalheiro" is celebrated annually, on December 26th and January 1st, in the Trás-os-Montes region. It began as a pagan festival, dedicated to the Winter Solstice, but today it is celebrated in the name of Baby Jesus. 

In some counties in this region, such as Mogadouro, this festival ends up being one of the highest times for locals, attracting many visitors. 

In this ancient tradition, the Chocalheiro is a figure dressed in coarse linen, wearing a mask with horns and accompanied by a snake, a pig bladder at the nape of his neck and blacksmith’s tongs in his hand to clear chimney flues as he passes the peoples’ homes.

Whatever is collected by the Chocalheiro is offered to the Church, making this holiday celebration a mixture of the profane and the sacred.

Attend one of these celebrations and experience the culture of those who guard the history of several generations in their customs. 

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