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Francesinha in Porto's Downtown

EV-Essência do Vinho/UNICER CC BY-NC-SA - Some Rights Reserved

Starting today 2nd, and until October 12, 2014 when passing through downtown Porto you will be able to taste the famous "francesinha", a typical local dish, made up by five Porto's emblematic breweries, which will meet friday and saturday between 12h and 24h, sunday to thursday between 12h and 23h, at D. João I's square to cook this specialty.

Porto's "francesinha"  is a delicacy that has won over many fans worldwide and has been named by AOL Travel as one of the "10 best sandwiches in the world". It's a sandwich stuffed with sausage, fresh sausage, ham and steak, covered with cheese and "watered" with a special hot sauce made with tomato and beer, considered to be the recipe's "secret".

This iconic Porto specialty emerged in the 60s and is present in most restaurants in the city, from the most traditional to the most exquisite.


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