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From September 19-21 of 2014, the 4th Afonsina Fair

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From September 19th-21st of 2014, Guimarães will host the 4th edition of the Afonsina Fair. The Afonsina Fair is a very important event in the cultural calendar of historical recreations. Previous editions were a great success, and for Guimarães, the birthplace of Portugal, it is a great pleasure to recreate the social and economic environment of the “Portucalense” Country and portray such important events in Portugal’s history.

Guimarães has strong cultural and historical components embedded in the collective community, which values the historical-cultural identity of the city, and no other location could be better than this city for hosting the Afonsinas Fairs.

This year, the Afonsina Fair depicts the Castle Siege of 1127, and will feature two recreations: one on Friday and another on Saturday, both at 10 p.m. in the Guimarães Castle. All participants are invited to join the cast on this historical journey that shows a little history of the genesis of the nation.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience, up close, the recreation of an important event in Portugal’s history. Will you miss it?



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