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October 18 and 19, the Sabrosa Wine Villages Festival

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On October 18 and 19, 2014, Sabrosa will host another edition of the Wine Villages Festival. This festival blends fun, culture and, primarily, a sharing of intrinsically Portuguese culture. Northern Portugal is renowned for its wine-growing tradition, and this festival is a way of celebrating this practice.

Discover a unique heritage, a magical atmosphere and learn a little more about wine culture and how wine is produced in the north of Portugal. This is history in motion, and you can be part of the cast.

The Wine Villages Festival seeks to revitalise and, above all, place value on the historical and cultural heritage of the wine-growing villages, and strengthening tourism in the Douro region.

Don’t miss the opportunity and stay to learn a little more about the historical and cultural heritage the wine villages have to offer. Don’t forget, on October 18 and 19 in Sabrosa.



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