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Parque da Cidade is for all the family!

Município do Porto CC BY-NC-SA

With the arrival of spring in Porto, it’s impossible to resist an afternoon at the Park. The longer days invite us to spend time outdoors with family and friends, enjoy a picnic on the grass, read a good book or simply rest after a day visiting the city.

Parque da Cidade (City Park) is the best place for all of these activities. Developed by the landscape architect Sidónio Pardal, the first phase of the park was opened in 1993. With 83 hectares (205 acres) of green areas, these are the lungs of the city and the Unvanquished City’s largest park, with pedestrian walkways and a range of sporting equipment, where you will without doubt find activities to entertain both kids and adults.

The presence of stone is a dominant feature of this park, where the construction of supporting walls for the land, constructions and paving create a rural and country atmosphere. In the year 2000, it was selected by the Order of Engineers as one of the 100 most notable projects constructed in the 20th Century in Portugal.  

In this park, which reaches the sea, the flora and fauna is rich and diverse. You can spot different species such as Muscovy ducks, swans, geese, common moorhens, fish, toads, frogs, etc… With regards to flora, there are 74 species of trees, 42 species of shrubs, 15 species of fruit trees and 10 species of aquatic plant, with a total of many thousand specimens.

Inside City Park there is a range of features such as the Environmental Education Centre, the Water Pavilion (next to the North Entrance, on the park ring road); Sea Life, an aquarium open to the public next to the Castelo do Queijo roundabout that the smallest ones will definitely want to visit; and the Queimódromo, which is situated adjacent to this park and which used to hold the Porto Public Fair until it was closed and which is currently used for the Queima das Fitas (Ribbon Burning), organised by the Porto Academic Federation.

During your next visit to Porto, come and explore City Park. To end the day, enjoy a francesinha sandwich in the Edifício Transparente, whilst watching the local surfers, or hop across to the area of Lota de Matosinhos to eat flame grilled fish or seafood. Contact us for more information about this and other tourist attractions in the city and for our assistance with preparing your trip so that you make the most from your visit to Porto.


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