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Porto & Douro Valley Lonely Planet TOP 10 European Destination for 2013

CNN : This year's Europe list, developed by Lonely Planet's editors and writers, includes the next hot spots to visit as well as longtime favorites with something new to enjoy.

"We try to point out what's the next hot thing, what's been overlooked and deserving of more attention and places that people have heard about forever but may not know have been revitalized in recent years," said Andy Murdock, Lonely Planet's U.S. digital editor. "It's food for thought for travelers looking to explore Europe more deeply."

Porto & the Douro Valley, Portugal

Portugal's second-largest city has so much going for it, Murdock says. The birthplace of port, this picturesque hilly town in northern Portugal also has a thriving arts scene and up and coming culinary reputation. And it's a good value destination right now. (Many of the Port houses offer tastings and tours for free or a small fee.)

"Porto is really the best in show for this year," Murdock said. "Porto is a great value for people interested in food and the arts."

The Douro Valley's wine and port scene is very easy to explore as a day trip. There you can visit some of the most famous Port houses, including Taylor's, W & J Graham's, Fonseca Porto and Casa Ramos Pinto. Check their websites for tours and tastings.

By Katia Hetter, CNN