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Porto: European Best Destination 2014

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Out of the 20 cities competing for the title of European Best Destination 2014, it was Porto that lifted the trophy. Cities such as Zagreb, Vienna, Nicosia, Budapest, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Rome and even the neighboring island of Madeira lost out to Porto.

It is the second time that Porto has won this non-profit competition, which is organized by consumers and experts and evaluates products and services. This year, according to the organization, all records were broken as 228,688 votes were recorded with hundreds of thousands of travellers from around the world participating.

Voting took place online during a three week period and, of the 20 cities battling it out for the prize, it was Porto that emerged victorious. Once again it showed that Porto is the favorite destination of tourists wanting to spend a weekend or holiday in a unique city.

The factors that led to Porto being chosen as the European Best Destination 2014 were its history, architecture, culture, cuisine and shopping. According to those that voted for Porto, the city possesses an unbeatable charm thanks to its location on the River Douro.

Also mentioned during the voting process were the various ways to discover Porto, such as flying over the city in a helicopter, marvelling at the architecture of its historical buildings, taking a cruise along the river or a ride on a tram, or even just admiring the breathtaking scenery.

Porto is a vibrant destination that has a lot to offer and still retains its essence and identity. And you can be sure about one thing: no one is more passionate about the city than those that live there and “portuenses” love to share their pride by welcoming people from all over the world.

Its proximity to the sea is also an important factor for tourists and Foz is a very enjoyable area for visitors to discover. Porto knows how to welcome its guests and make them feel at home. We are sure that Porto will conquer your heart. Still not convinced? Then we will share a little secret with you: the most difficult thing will be having to leave!



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