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Porto: The Chefs’ Cuisine

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Porto is one of the best known cities in Portugal for traditional cooking.

In fact its cuisine is now one of the main attractions of the city for many tourists who frequently visit Porto, both Portuguese and foreigners alike.

They are awed by the traditional dishes and always leave well fed.

Reaching the pinacle of Portuguese cuisine is largely due to the restaurants and the chefs who chose to practice their culinary art in Porto.

Rui Paula’s “DOP” is one of those restaurants that lives up to Porto’s gastronomic fame.

It is located a few steps from the Pálacio da Bolsa and serves several Portuguese classics such as cod with breadcrumbs, Lagareiro octopus and neck of Bisaro pork with a breadcrumb and cowpea crust.

The restaurant of “The Yeatman” hotel, close to Cáis de Gaia, offers its customers dishes prepared by Ricardo Costa, the only chef in the north to have a Michelin star.

Here you can enjoy wine dinners, with menus prepared to complement the wines of the hotel’s partner producers.

At “Salsa & Loureiro” you can also experience and taste the famous gastronomy of Porto.

These creative and exclusive dishes, which are created by Hélio Loureiro, the Portuguese national team’s chef, and will make your stay in Porto sensational and will leave you with a taste for more.


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