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Porto and Northern Portugal: Who is our tourist in 2014?

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Gustave Falubetr said: “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." But in the end, what is it to be a tourist? To be a tourist is wearing the garb of the place that welcomes us, striping out what is inside us, opening our arms to get to know and take with us, a little bit of the place we passed through. To be a tourist is to leave our home at home, and open our doors to let in the small new worlds that we will encounter on every step of the journey.

To be a tourist is feeling that we are foreigners within ourselves, but stepping onward to inhale each experience on every trip. Packing a suitcase and thinking about what fate will bring us and the experiences that we will share. Returning home, sharing with friends the experiences that we bring in our luggage, recommending the sites we passed, that we will remember with a smile, always thinking about the next journey...that could be a lost retreat, a historic village, a tropical country or, who knows, even Portugal. To be a tourist is crossing territorial, cultural and language frontiers. Have you ever considered Porto as a destination?

Every year on 27th September, World Tourism Day is celebrated, a global event to highlight the social, cultural, political and economic value of tourism. In 2014 World Tourism Day focuses on the theme “Tourism and Community Development”. The role of tourism in the change and development of every place it touches is undeniable. As such, we must highlight this important day for the region of Porto and Northern Portugal.

For us, the value that all tourists bring to Northern Portugal is undeniable. Arrive in groups, with friends or relatives, visit us by yourself, or come on business; it is always good to welcome you. It is for all the tourists that we always want to be better, and it is for you that we are the European Best Destination 2014.

Do you know the profile of the tourists who visit us? Take a look below! And if you're still not part of this group, book your trip now and get to know Porto and Northern Portugal. We will waiting here to welcome you with open arms.



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