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Porto and the North of Portugal, destinations to follow

Município do Porto CC BY-NC-SA

“To Follow:


to move behind someone or something and go where he, she, or it goes to do the same thing as someone else.

to go in the same direction as a road, path, way.

to have a great interest in something or watch something closely.

to understand something as it is being said or done.

to come after in order, time, or position.


When following a particular person/publisher/theme/website you choose to subscribe to something/someone, and see the messages, remarks or pieces of information/content that entity creates, posts and shares.”

Porto is the city that everyone is paying attention to, effervescent, leader of the cultural and artistic movement. The city opened its doors and windows to the world, allowing those who so want to taste its flavors and traditions. A magnetic place, full of character and history. The champion city in entrepreneurship, motivated by its creative roots.

For all this, we want to awaken the will of sharing and of recommending the experiences that you can live in Porto, via video testimonial from people who know Porto and the North of Portugal in its essence. In this way, we want to stimulate in the public the sense of belonging to the community and the will to recommend videos (after all, they who identifies themselves with the experiences and places from which they're from, want to share it).

As such, we are going to promote a series of videos that reveal the city and the region in its various dimensions, following an editorial line of narrative stories, recommended by locals who show the destination in a direct and experiential way. The videos are presented in the form of mini documentaries, in 8 episodes, released on the Internet through FlipBoard's page "Porto and the North - the essence of Portugal", with the motto "Follow Porto" and the use of #FollowPorto

Come discover Porto and the North of Portugal. A vibrant destination, in complete re-creation, exploding with new offers, being reinvented, filled with surprises even for the locals. Stay tuned to Follow Porto to be abreast of the latest news and see the latest videos, full of suggestions to enjoy the best of the region.


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