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Porto: from Rua das Flores to Largo de São Domingo

Manuel de Sousa CC BY-SA 3.0

Shopping locally means getting out of the mall and into the street where not only can you find unique, original items but also immerse yourself in new, innovative stores run by people who are always aiming to do things better!

The city of Porto is no exception. We have been noticing an increase in the number of new and inspiring artisan stores that produce unique, handmade items as part of their creative projects. Porto’s streets are becoming ever more populated by these exciting businesses.

After several months of improvement works, Rua das Flores – as it is lovingly called – is now one such street. You will struggle to find a native of Porto who does not enjoy strolling down this street and picking up a thing or two, so this is the perfect place to find a treat for yourself, a friend, or for that special occasion.

Here, you will find a bit of everything. Traders love this newly renovated area, which has gained fresh life and new appeal. You will find stores selling traditional products from all over the country, gourmet food, conserves, cork products, ornamental goods, in addition to jewelry and bijouterie outlets. If you have still yet to complete your Christmas shopping list and are short of a few ideas of what to give, head to Rua das Flores where you are guaranteed to fall in love with the incredible range of products on offer.

However, it is not just this street that has been given a new lease of life. In Porto, the importance of local businesses is clear, and it seems that the old way of shopping, that is, by going from store to store with a bag full of groceries, is making a comeback.

Cafés and jewelry stores also populate this street, the city’s main artery. Two of the most famous jewelry stores on Rua das Flores are ‘Ouriversara das Flores’ and ‘Pedro A. Baptista’. On this street, you will also find stores selling linen, whereas, on Largo dos Lóios there are plenty of places to not only do a spot of shopping but to also grab a delicious snack as there is no shortage of tascos, restaurants and bars in the area.

‘Tradições’ sells artisan products and items made of cork, while in this part of the city the famous grocery stores ‘Dias Mendez’ and ‘Monteiro’s’ can also be found. The ‘Casa Moriber-Pinto Moreira, Lda’ can still be found selling knives and hardware, while ‘Vidraria Fonseca’, a glassware manufacturer with more than 100 years of history, also has a branch nearby.

Are you a sweet tooth? Then make sure to visit the chocolate factory ‘Chocolataria das Flores’. However, should you wish to indulge your appetite even further, the restaurants ‘Porto de Baião’ and ‘Cantina 32’ are located near to Largo de S. Domingos and are great options.

This area is full of businesses, some boasting more than 100 years of existence, others just a few months, but they have all brought a vibrancy to this part of Porto and given the city’s ancient streets a new lease of life.

Bring both your Christmas list and a desire to discover new stores and creative people. Not sure where to stay in Porto? We have a few tips! Christmas shopping in Porto is waiting for you… and so are we!



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