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Queima das Fitas - Porto


From May 4 through 11 of 2014, Porto hosts the much-anticipated student festival, Queima das Fitas (Burning of the Ribbons). 

The event is organized by the Porto Academic Federation and takes place in the "Queimodromo" in the City Park, where all of Porto’s universities gather during these days. 

The Queima das Fitas ritual is an important moment for any student in Porto.

The days of the Queima are marked by a collection of diverse activities, from the Serenade at the Cultural Salon, to the Cortejo Parade, the Promenade concert, and the departmental Iberian Academic Festival.

Today, Porto’s Queima das Fitas attracts approximately 350,000 people and is an exciting way to get to know Porto by night.


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