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Shopping in Porto


Porto is a cosmopolitan city famous for its innovative young Portuguese designers, as well as being home to a range of big name brands.

Whether you are looking for something fashionable from the world of design, footwear, jewelry or furniture, in Porto you are guaranteed to find a varied, creative and original range of products.

During your stay in northern Portugal, make sure you set aside a few days to discover Porto’s commercial heart and shop for a few souvenirs such as an excellent bottle of Porto or Douro, hand crafted jewellery, scented soap from a period house or a t-shirt to remind you of your stay.

On the list of Porto’s best places to shop is Santa Catarina Street in the city center, the “Arts Quarter” close to the iconic Clérigos Church where some of the world’s best designers can be found, and the neighborhood of Avis where you are guaranteed to find the most stylish Portuguese fashion, whether it is clothes or shoes.

You can even cross the Douro River and visit the Corte Inglês department store where you will find a wide range of international brands.

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