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Shopping in Porto: the luxurious, the trendy and the cool


If you love shopping then your stay in Porto is about to get even better. A city that continues to establish itself as a cosmopolitan destination of international repute, Porto is home to more big name international brands than ever.

As a result, some of the biggest names are waiting for you on our streets. But wait, there’s more: Porto is fast becoming one of Europe’s trendiest cities meaning that you’re guaranteed to find a wide range of products by young and exciting designers.

History, heritage and culture are the watchwords of your stay in Porto. Make sure to leave enough space in your suitcase for all of the things that you will be taking home with you, including an unforgettable experience.

The streets of Porto are always a great place for a stroll and a spot of shopping. No doubt you will want to take a bottle of Port Wine home with you, but there’s plenty more on offer than just that. Porto is known for its bustling commercial activity and we’re certain that you’ll find lots of authentic products guaranteed to capture your heart. You’ll want to take everything home with you!

From designer jewellery to artisan soaps, shoes, furniture and even gourmet products, Porto has something for every taste. Its city streets are packed with artistic projects and creative, innovative people who are always ready to welcome you with a smile.

If you are passing through Foz then be sure to head to Avis. Here you’ll find some of the city’s finest boutiques selling not only high end brands but also the best products made in Portugal. Surely you won’t miss the opportunity to take home something made exclusively in Portugal?

Whereas, if you love fashion and can never resist the temptation of buying just one more item of clothing, be sure to take the yellow line on Porto’s metro to El Corte Inglés, where you’ll find a huge range of brands on offer. Slightly further afield is the Vila do Conde Style Outlet, which always has the best brands available at discounted prices. Are you already thinking about a new addition to your wardrobe?

The hardest job will be finding enough space in your suitcase for everything that you’ll want to buy in Porto. Looking for the store of a particular brand? We can help! Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Happy shopping!



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