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Shopping in Porto

A vida Portuguesa CC BY-NC-ND

Do you like shopping? We’ve got good news for you: the city of Porto is an excellent place to enjoy shopping. Whether you want to purchase traditional products or more original creations, the streets of the city are a real open-air shopping centre.

The northern capital is a cosmopolitan place. Due to the diversity of the people who pass through the city on a daily basis, as well as its geographical location, it is a place where ideas and cultures mix and where new projects are born, especially in the area of culture.

It won’t be difficult to find shops bearing the names of multinational brands in the streets, but also shops selling typical products of this region of the country. You’ll be able to buy a bottle of Port Wine or spend a little more on an item from a well-known brand.

The choice is yours, but one thing is certain: you’ll find everything you need. And when it’s time to leave, we’re sure you’ll want to take home a souvenir. And with more and more original souvenirs of all shapes and sizes, the hardest thing will be to choose between them.

Originality is the word which best characterises the shops in the city of Porto. And if you’re going to spend time exploring the streets of the city in search of products to take home, you’ll be sure to come across the Rua de Santa Catarina, a shopping area par excellence.

Lose yourself amongst the various top brands you’ll find around the city. And be delighted by the new projects which pop up in the streets of the city of Porto where you’ll be able to find the best items made in Portugal and in the rest of the world.



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