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The arts block: Miguel Bombarda and environs

Porto Lazer CC BY-NC-SA

Bombarda is the name by which it’s best known. It’s an arts block in Porto’s city centre. Situated close to the centre of Porto, Bombarda is made up of various spaces for the exhibition of modern art. Every two months new artistic “inputs” are presented.

It’s called Bombarda as this dynamic was initially tried out in the Rua Miguel Bombarda where art gallery owners began to offer their spaces, and it later expanded to nearby streets.

The Miguel Bombarda block has been responsible for significant cultural growth in the city of Porto. The influx of people to this area of the city has contributed to the opening of tearooms, shops selling alternative clothing and music, organic products, bars, co-working spaces, studios for new fashion designers and hostels.

The Bombarda Shopping Centre, the central point of this cultural growth, hides businesses which are innovative, contemporary and interesting. If you’re looking for something, you’re sure to find it in this neighbourhood. Hats, shoes, bags, a cake for a snack or a café where you can meet your friends for a chat.

Alternative clothes shops, tea, organic cosmetics, handicrafts and urban design and a modern hairdressers are other projects which are worth a look in the Bombarda Shopping Centre. Want to treat your taste buds? In the Miguel Bombarda block there is a wide range of restaurants for all tastes: Japanese, vegetarian, gourmet, hamburgers and breweries, anything you fancy eating.

Take the opportunity to get to know a little more of the city of Porto and extend your walk to the Crystal Palace, discovering its gardens and taking in the excellent view over the River Douro.



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