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The arts block: Miguel Bombarda and neighbouring areas

Porto Lazer CC BY-NC-SA

At Rua Miguel Bombarda, the exhibition spaces for contemporary art come together to open, every two months, their new displays. The openings are usually on a Saturday and the entry to the galleries is free.

Arthobler, Serpente, Trindade, Fernando Santos, Presença, Artes Solar Santo António, São Mamede and Dama Aflita are the most dynamic art galleries. 

Following this cultural entertainment, many interesting projects started to appear in and around Rua Miguel Bombarda, such as tea parlours, alternative clothing and record shops, biological goods, bars, co-working spaces, studios for new fashion creators and hostels.

The Tea Route, a classic for Bombarda, is a unique space, almost magical, in Porto, created in 2003 by Miguel Ortigão, where there are more than 300 varieties of tea which can be served hot or iced.

The decoration is inspired by the Orient. And a few metres from the road of art galleries, you will find Quintal Bioshop, a biological grocer with a coffee shop and terrace in a small back garden.

The Bombarda Shopping Centre (CCB) hides interesting businesses, such as Zarecas Story, a second-hand clothing and accessories shop with originals in good condition and cheap. It is located at the entrance to this shopping centre.

At CCB, you can have lunch or a snack at the Pimenta Rosa coffee shop, for example, which serves food by weight and always has natural fruit juices and three or four cakes of the day to choose from.

Alternative fashion shops, tea, organic cosmetics, arts and crafts and urban design and a modern hairdresser are other projects which are worth checking out at CCB.

At Bombarda, some new creators put fashion on the map of the arts block. They design limited editions and exclusive pieces, with the possibility of changing colours and sizes, giving value to the individual characteristics of each client.


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