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The best local places to eat a Francesinha

Rui Borges CC BY-NC-ND

Whether it’s your first time in Porto or if you’re a regular visitor, you’ll certainly want to savor a delicious Francesinha. This is probably Porto’s most famous delicacy, and features in several lists as one of the European’s dishes that shouldn’t be missed. 

Some attribute the creation of the Francesinha to a worker in the A Regaleira restaurant called Daniel David Silva, who used the French “croque-monsieur” as the basis to create this dish made up of bread, sausage, ham, beef or pork, covered with spicy sauce and, sometimes, with an egg on top and French fries. As the birthplace of the FrancesinhaA Regaleira is one of the places you can try the dish.

The Café Santiago is also one of the most famous spots to try a Francesinha. Due to the place’s immense popular, the son of the owner opened a sister restaurant to make it easier to meet the high demand for this Northern specialty.

On Avenida da BoavistaCufra was one of the city’s first seafood restaurants and is also famous for its Francesinhas. If you’re in the Campo Alegre area, Capa Negra II is a place worth visiting. With a modern, relaxed environment, this restaurant is famous for its Francesinhas, and you can choose from several options, with shrimps, with or without egg and French fries.

On Porto’s main shopping street, Rua de Santa Catarina, there’s the Bufete Fase. This place only serves Francesinhas with an open-kitchen so customers see their food being made.

These are some of the places where you can enjoy this Porto specialty. Come and get to know these and other restaurants better, and try Northern Portugal’s real cuisine, with a special focus on Francesinhas. For the places you can’t miss on your visit to Porto, learn more about the highlights and discover the best places to stay in the city.

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