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The best luxury hotels for your New Year


New year, new life - who has never heard this saying before? When the arrival of a new year is approaching, we take stock of how we are living and what we want to improve in our lives. We establish goals, and think of new beginnings.

Have you ever considered a different type of new years, in an elegant, exquisite and charming place? We are sure you will have extra inspiration and motivation to execute these plans for the upcoming new year. Where? In Porto and Northern Portugal. We leave you with some luxury hotel suggestions for the New Year of your dreams.

The Yeatman

The Yeatman Hotel, located in the city of Porto, features an excellent view of the Douro River. It features 82 rooms and suites, all with private balconies so you can better enjoy the surrounding landscape. A true experience of refinement and sophistication, where you can also enjoy tasting some of the domestic wines, highly recommended in our country. The culinary experience shall not be forgotten: the hotel restaurant offers the traditional flavors of Portugal, and was awarded with a Michelin star.

If you are looking for a more peaceful new year, take the opportunity to relax by the indoor pool, or even book a luxury treatment in the Spa. Simply choose your best outfit, and the Yeatman awaits.

Intercontinental Porto-Palácio das Cardosas Hotel

The Intercontinental Porto-Palacio das Cardosas Hotel was the first international luxury hotel located in the historical center of the city of Porto. Set in a former palace, the building, which is well-renovated with a glimpse of many years of history, offers more than two centuries of charms and stories to tell. Originally the Lóios Monastery, it belonged to the secular canons of S. João Evangelista, an Order that owns very rich gold and silver tools.

Its location plays a fundamental role in the city, and it is impossible to pass through downtown Porto and not run into this historical hotel.

Enjoy a stay in this hotel to get to know the city's history and discover the most genuine corners of Porto.  You will surely fall in love with the people passing through and the frenzied stir of Porto.

Infante Sagres Hotel

Located in the heart of Porto's historical zone, near the area that is deemed an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Infante Sagres Hotel is most certainly a Portuguese house. The place has soul, an iconic mix between the historical past and modernity, creating a unique environment and a comfortable refuge.

The hotel is part of the city's history. World-renowned figures have passed through, such as the Dalai Lama, the Queen of the Netherlands, Princess Anne and Prince Edward of England, the Kings of Norway, and artists such as Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry, John Malkovich, Diana Krall and Catherine Deneuve.

Pousada do Porto Freixo Palace Hotel

The Pousada do Porto Freixo Palace Hotel was designed by the architect Nasoni in the mid 18th century. It is comprised of two buildings: the Palace building - where you will find the restaurant, bar, lounges and meeting rooms - and the former Harmony Mill Factory building, which houses the rooms, some with views over the Douro River. In 1910, it became a National Monument.

Vidago Palace Hotel

The Vidago Palace Hotel, located just one hour from Porto, 15 minutes from Chaves and 20 minutes from the Spanish border, was established in 1910. It is an extremely high quality resort. Its proximity to nature makes it a unique location, providing those who pass through a high-quality stay and a great place to relax and replenish energy. Is there anywhere better for starting the new year than a calm and serene environment?

The facilities feature 70 rooms and suites, and one of the best 18-hole golf courses in Europe. And if you want to relax, you can not miss the Vidago Spa, considered one of the best Spas in the world, and which was designed by the world-renowned architect Siza Vieira.  The Spa distinguishes itself by its therapeutic and healing waters that flow from the granite wells. It will be difficult to choose just one of the 20 treatments, including the sauna, steam room, gym, indoor pool and outdoor pool.

Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux

Upon entering the Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux you will feel as though you have traveled through time. Its neo-classical elements and romantic atmosphere will transport you to another time, within a warm and friendly environment. One more example of Portuguese hospitality.

The Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux was built as a palace, and during the Napoleonic wars, the allied forces settled there. Even after this historical episode, the palace was always a point of passage for important political and cultural figures.

In 2001, it was completely renovated and became one of the most iconic hotels in Northern Portugal.

The Largo do Paço

The Largo do Paço is a renowned restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star, and part of the Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux. It exudes an air of refinement and warmth, and features a team of professionals who work considering the highest level of customer satisfaction. Want to learn more about Portuguese cuisine? This is the right place!

The menus are adjusted according to the season to offer their customers the best products with the highest quality, giving priority to fresh and organic products. You will always find simple and contemporary menus, with a touch of refinement. For a special occasion, you may request a specialized menu. Doesn't that sound excellent?

Carmo's Boutique Hotel

Carmo's Boutique Hotel is an exclusive luxury hotel, located in the Ponte de Lima, the oldest town in Portugal. It is synonymous with comfort and modernity, with a touch of tradition, which is so typical of this region. Its proximity with Porto and Minho, and even Spain, makes it so that your stay in this hotel will enable you to experience the rich cultural surrounding.

If you would like to make your stay more special, make sure you try the Spa, with goat's milk based treatments. The outdoor pool has a great view, and if you want to venture outside of the hotel, you can always take a boat tour of the river.

The hotel is distinguished by its tradition, history, refinement, respect for the environment and its programs that allow visitors to better experience the region and its cultural roots.

Casas do Côro

The Casas do Côro are located in the Historical Village of Marialva, right on the border. The houses are the epitome of Portuguese guest houses. Its proximity to the Douro River and the Riverfront gives these homes a particularly traditional and warm atmosphere, which was built around the idea of a couple that wants to restore the life of a village forgotten in time, renovating some of the buildings.

The facades are uniquely beautiful, with traditional stone walls, and the interior maintains the area's traditional characteristics with wood to provide comfort and warmth to those who pass through.

The Casas do Côro are an excellent example of heritage preservation.

It will not be easy to choose a place to stay for your New Year. If you need help choosing a location, we have more accommodations at your disposal. And don't worry; we'll be here next year. Any time is a great time to come visit us.