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The trendiest restaurants in downtown Porto

Município do Porto CC BY-NC-SA

Renowned for its hospitality, the Northern region of Portugal is generous when it comes to waiting on tables. And the city of Porto is no exception to this rule. The “Invicta” is proud to host well, at all levels. It is true that traditional Portuguese cuisine is already an interesting incentive to visit and return to the city, but in recent years, Porto has developed a more refined, cosmopolitan and signature cuisine. 

Porto experienced a transformation in recent years, being today a different destination to the one it was only half a decade ago. It is more cosmopolitan and more lively, with a wide range of offers in terms of nightlife and tourist accommodation. It is today a city focused on the creative industries, a stage for renowned cultural and artistic events, involving the Porto people. A destination that is a definite “must”, to which you will want to return if only to see what has changed.

If you want to dive into the traditional knowledge, choose a restaurant with Portuguese cuisine, where you will certainly find “Tripas à moda do Porto”, “Cozido” and the famous “Francesinhas”. If you like more sophisticated and fusion dishes, you will be pleased to know that the city harbours an interesting set of cosmopolitan restaurants that have sprung up across the city, especially in downtown Porto.

In the area of Rua das Flores you will find spaces like Cozinha dos Lóios, with minimalist décor that takes you back to the origins of the building in which it is inserted (which was formerly a convent). Here you will find a mixture of influences of Spanish and French cuisine that result in a menu specialising in high-quality grilled meats and other gourmet dishes, ideal for sharing. Also in this area you can find the Traça restaurant, where the menu is inspired by a traditional cuisine of Iberian influence and offers some original suggestions, bearing on the game dishes, and the Taberna do Largo. In this tavern you can sample products from the four corners of the country, but you can also buy them to enjoy later at home. At Avenida dos Aliados you can find spaces such as the Astória restaurant, the current name of the emblematic Café Astória. Open to the city and with a stunning view over the Avenida dos Aliados, the Chef offers typical Portuguese cuisine with a contemporary twist, where the use of local products has pride of place.

Want a quick meal that reminds you of London pubs? Zázá Sandwiches & Bar is the place to go. With a practical simplicity, in the heart of the city of Porto, this is a balanced and comfortable place, inspired by the Nordic functional idea, where the space is the client. Inserted in Hotel Teatro, the Palco restaurant is an urban and sophisticated space, with a decoration allusive to the performing arts. The refined cuisine of Mediterranean flavours, with decorative and creative details, grants it a unique character. 

In the area of Clérigos you can also find various locations where traditional meets the cosmopolitan. At the Book restaurant, traditional flavours come together with an innovative concept. With a contemporary and cosmopolitan atmosphere, this restaurant was conceived under the sign of books. Then you have Clube 3C, located in the Clérigos area, which is a restaurant that turns into a bar around midnight. Housed in a cool and cosmopolitan atmosphere, it offers Mediterranean and traditional Portuguese cuisine recreated by Chef Paulo Marques.

If you're a fan of traditional taverns, organize your tour so as to include the best you can find in the city. From the more traditional of flavours to the more contemporary ones, you will visit places that will make your mouth water.

Learn more about these and other restaurants in the historic centre and downtown Porto and choose your favourite ones for your next trip to Porto. Want to add a bit of history and culture to your visit? Contact us and we’ll take care of it for you!


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