What to do

Three days in Minho


Minho offers unique scenery in which you will experience a range of different emotions during your travels in Northern Portugal. 

In this region, the beaches of the sea ridge and of the River Minho lend themselves to radical sports, you can appreciate the mountains and completely green landscapes, know World Heritage cities full of culture and iconic monuments, and try its wonderful wines and gastronomy.

If you plan to spend three days in Minho, begin your trip in Vieira of the Minho. Have lunch at one of the fantastic restaurants in the area and set out in discovery of the National Park of Peneda Gerês.

Lodge in an enchanting hotel, rustic or modern, according to your preference, and relax in one of its fantastic SPAs. 

On the next day, go to Portugal’s port city of Guimarães, and stroll through its World Heritage historic center.

Dine at Ponte de Lima and taste the famous Sarrabulho rice accompanied by Minho-style rojões (braised chunks of pork) and Vinho Verde served in a large bowl, a tradition in this region. Stay in one of the city’s hotels, and on the following day you may tour its streets and gardens.

Before completing your trip, stop at Viana do Castelo, one of the most characteristic cities of Portugal.

Have lunch there, and spend the afternoon of your last day in northern Portugal getting to know Monção and Melgaço.


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