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Viewpoints in the Douro Valley

Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR CC BY-NC-ND

Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR CC BY-NC-ND

Douro Azul CC BY-NC-ND


Live romance in Douro. Among the vineyards of the region, the oldest demarcated region of the world, which paint a unique and absolutely lovely landscape, the cultural and architectural heritage of the Douro villages and, of course, the wines and the good food, this destination in northern Portugal is as romantic as it gets.

Wander around places like Peso da Régua; Lamego, where you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies; Pinhão, with a railway station that will make you travel back in time; Pocinho; Vila Nova de Foz Côa and Barca d'Alva.

Here you will enter the International Douro Natural Park since the river that flows from here to Miranda do Douro sets the border between Portugal and Spain. Through its course, the river flows tightly between high cliffs till the moment when it arrives in Portugal.

Along the way, you will find several viewpoints that will make it impossible for you not to stop and enjoy the scenery. Get to know which ones they are:

São Leonardo da Galafura

Near Régua, you can find the viewpoint of São Leonardo da Galafura. In this landscape, you can enjoy, at one glance, the Douro Valley and the Marão mountains.

Quinta do Noval

Because of its prime location and the colourful geometry of its vineyards, this property continues to be a showcase of the Douro. Located on the left bank of the river Pinhão, the Quinta stands in shale-walled terraces, divided by flights of stairs with the same white colour we find in the houses and in the oblique road that runs through the property.

Casal de Loivos

This constitutes an authentic balcony over Pinhão and over the valley, with the river in the background forming an 's' next to the village. This view was considered by the BBC to be one of the six most beautiful in the world.

São Salvador do Mundo

A sacred and mythical place a few kilometers away from São João da Pesqueira, São Salvador do Mundo is a destination of pilgrimage. From there, you can see half of the Douro.

Quinta do Vale Meão

Located on a gentle slope on the right bank of the Douro, near Pocinho, this property boasts, in its vastness and greatness, the standard set by its founder, the legendary Dona Antónia Ferreira, who revolutionised the vine cultivation of Port wine. In this respect, this view contains in itself the essence of the Douro: the beauty, the dream, the legend and the creative genius of man, who managed to turn the shale of the river shores into arable land.

You can do this route in several ways: by car, by boat or by train. By car, you will find towns and quiet villages, vineyards following the curves of the terrain, castles and other places that make it worthwhile to make a stop and look at the horizon.

If you prefer travelling by boat, you can make a boat trip starting at the Vila Nova de Gaia pier, along the Douro and to Barca de Alva. The number of days of the trip will depend on the distance you want to cover.

If the train is one of your favourite means of transport, traveling along the Douro as if you were in the early twentieth century will be an experience not to be missed. In this encounter with the past, the stars of the journey are wagons and steam and diesel locomotives which, on a journey at 30 km per hour, are the memory of the period when they ensured the connection between towns and were an outlet for the famous Port Wine.

Get ready to be charmed by the North of Portugal and its breathtaking views. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the best flavours in the region. Contact us for a travel plan that will help you discover the best of Porto and of the North of Portugal.


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