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Wines at Porto and Northem Portugal


Porto and the North of Portugal's wines are as unique as the landscape where they are produced. With four demarcated wine regions, Porto and the North supplies a wine for each occasion. 

Port Wine, a liquorish wine, ambassador of the Portuguese wines, is produced in Region of Douro. The difficulties arising from this ground are beneficial for the longevity of the vineyards and originate more concentrated grape musts of sugar and colour. 

In the northwest of Portugal, there is the region of the Vinho Verde, where the wines are slightly acid, light and fresh, with medium alcohol content and with good digestive properties. 

Region of Távora-Varosa produces some of the best white wines (distinguished by their freshness) and red wines (their softness is praised), as well as exceptional sparkling wines, ideal for party occasions. 

In the extreme northeast of Portugal, to the north of the Douro region, there is the wine production region of Trás-os-Montes, with red wines, generally fruity and slightly bitter and white wines, uniques due to their smoothness and floral aroma. 


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