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Wines produced in northern Portugal


You don’t need to be a winemaker to appreciate a good wine. And if you’re passionate about the nectar of the gods, you can’t miss the chance to get to know the northern region of Portugal, where the best Portuguese wines are produced.

Northern Portugal has various regions in which different varieties of wine can be found. In Douro you will find the well-known Port Wine. The Douro Wine Region is an area in northeastern Portugal, named in 2001 as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The region is bathed by the Douro River and has produced wine (Port and Douro wines) for more than 2,000 years, making it one of Portugal’s best-known wine regions. The soil and climate give the wine produced in this region a unique taste.

The Douro region also produces other unique wines, such as Douro Muscat or Douro Sparkling wines. However, these are not the only specialties northern Portugal has to offer. “Green Wine” also comes from northern Portugal, in the northeast Minho. It is a naturally sweet wine that complements fish dishes.  It is produced in the foothills of the Nave Mountains, between the Paiva and the Távora rivers, which flow through the Beiras region. 

September and October are important months on the wine region’s calendar, when the grape harvest takes place. Many vineyards open their doors to wine enthusiasts. An unequaled party. By combining the wine experience with the amazing landscapes and delicious cuisine, your travels through the northern region will most definitely be a phenomenal experience, one that you’ll want to repeat every year. 

Participating in the grape harvest and learning about the traditions that have been passed down over several generations will be, without a doubt, an excellent way to get to know Portuguese culture a bit better and dive into the intrinsic roots of northern Portugal. A delightful trip… ask us more information about wine experiences services now!


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