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World Heritage sites


In the north of Portugal you can explore a truly rich and fascinating heritage, with places that over the years have been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

These areas can be referred to principally as the Alto Douro, the historic centres of Porto and Guimarães and the Côa Valley. These are just some of the wonders that will make your visit a unique and unforgettable experience.

Hence when you visit the north of Portugal, don´t forget to go to the Historic Centre of Porto. Take a stroll through its streets and lanes and explore its monuments and churches, such as the Sé Cathedral or the Palácio da Bolsa.

Then you can go on to discover the unique countryside of the Douro region and try the region´s wine whilst on a picnic or enjoying dinner which many of the properties in the region can organise for you. Enjoy the mesmerising view of this region and breathe in the fresh, country air.

Go on to explore the Historic Centre of Guimarães; a city in the Minho region that holds fame to being Portugal´s birthplace. Here you can visit the Santo António dos Capuchos Convent and the Paço dos Duques, and take time out to enjoy a delicious local meal.

Finally, head to the Côa Valley and be amazed by the rock art that has been adorning the rocks here for close to 25 thousand years. Here you can marvel at 17kms of ancient etchings that are sure to make your trip here one of the most surprising and memorable days of your holiday.

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