The arts block: Miguel Bombarda and neighbouring areas

The arts block in the Porto city centre owes its name to the dynamics printed by the owners of art galleries, firstly on Rua Miguel Bombarda and later on the adjacent arteries.

Porto Lazer CC BY-NC-SA

Porto Lazer CC BY-NC-SA

Porto Lazer CC BY-NC-SA

Porto Lazer CC BY-NC-SA


At Bombarda, as it is also known, an area really close to downtown, the exhibition spaces for contemporary art come together to open, every two months, their new displays. The Simultaneous openings have already arrived at galleries located near Palácio de Cristal and downtown, next to Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre. The openings are usually on a Saturday from 4pm to 5pm. Entry to the galleries is free.

Why go

  • Contemporary Art
  • Culture
  • Shopping
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Food and Wine
  • Nightlife

Arthobler, Serpente, Trindade, Fernando Santos, Presença, Artes Solar Santo António, São Mamede and Dama Aflita are the most dynamic art galleries.

Following this cultural entertainment, many interesting projects started to appear in and around Rua Miguel Bombarda, such as tea parlours, alternative clothing and record shops, biological goods, bars, co-working spaces, studios for new fashion creators and hostels.

Fancy a cup of tea?

Start on the Tea Route, a classic for Bombarda and in Porto. It is a unique space, almost magical, in Porto, created in 2003 by Miguel Ortigão, where there are more than 300 varieties of tea which can be served hot or iced. The decoration is inspired by the Orient.

A few metres from the road of art galleries, you will find Quintal Bioshop, a biological grocer with a coffee shop and terrace in a small back garden. If you want a quick and healthy meal, this is the ideal place. Ask for one of their house sandwiches on cereal bread. To accompany it, choose a honey bush, green ginseng, rooibos or orange tea with spices and coconut.

What you need to know

  • The Tea Route is at Rua Miguel Bombarda, 457
  • Quintal Bioshop is on Rua do Rosário, 177
  • The Bombarda Shopping Centre is on Rua Miguel Bombarda, 285 and shops open Mondays to Saturdays, from noon to 8pm
  • If you get ten people together, you can walk one of the pathways of the Romantic Paths with a guide from Porto Town Hall. A guided visit lasts two hours and is free, but must be booked in advance (call 226 062 744 or 226 066 568)

Second-hand Vintage

The Bombarda Shopping Centre (CCB) hides interesting businesses, such as Zarecas Story, a second-hand clothing and accessories shop with originals in good condition and cheap. It is located at the entrance to this shopping centre.

They have hats and French style berets for 5 Euros and even leather jackets which can cost up to 600 Euros, plus shoes, jewellery, wallets and other accessories. The vintage style sunglasses, at 15 Euros, are a hit.

At CCB, you can have lunch or a snack at the Pimenta Rosa coffee shop, which serves food by weight and always has natural fruit juices and three or four cakes of the day to choose from.

Be sure to pop into Piurra, a shop that designs and sells contemporary furniture, of national production and with a signature design.

Alternative fashion shops, tea, organic cosmetics, arts and crafts and urban design and a modern hairdresser are other projects which are worth checking out at CCB.

You will like

  • Visiting the Romantic Museum of Quinta da Macieirinha (Rua de Entre-Quintas, 220), which is near Palácio de Cristal and is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 5:30pm.

New creators

André Gandra, with a studio shop at number 284 Rua do Rosário, Mariana da Fonseca, who created Punch Couture at number 253 on the same road, and Juliana Cerdeira, from Miau Frou Frou (Rua de Miguel Bombarda, 416) are some of the new creators who put fashion on the map of the arts block. They design limited editions and exclusive pieces, with the possibility of changing colours and sizes, giving value to the individual characteristics of each client.

They are the neighbours of the clothes shops that sell alternative brands, which, in some cases, can be found at Bombarda.

Sleep, eat and have a drink

On the block, there are hostels and modern boarding houses located in century-old buildings, rehabilitated and furnished with all the comforts of the 21st century, and a theme hotel from an international chain, inspired by what distinguishes this part of city - the arts.

Also related to the arts are the spaces, and in some cases the menus, of the restaurants on Bombarda where you can find everything from Japanese to vegetarian to gourmet hamburgers and breweries which serve the famous francesinha.

Among the bars, one of the most interesting projects is Breyner 85, which is an academy of music, a bar and a concert hall. It has a lovely garden-esplanade which, in summer, has open-air cinema shows.

What to do

  • Go to the \"Simultaneous openings\" of the Bombarda art galleries
  • Go to a concert at Breyner 85
  • Take one of the Romantic Routes
  • Visit Fundação de Serralves and walk around its beautiful park

Routes on foot

This very artistic neighbourhood is very close to the Palácio de Cristal gardens. Stroll through the Romantic Paths and discover the hidden streets of the city, where vivid memories of their past and history remain.

There are five routes of cultural and historical interest that extend across the area that goes from Palácio de Cristal to the riverside and give you a unique opportunity to learn about nineteenth century Porto.

The trails are themed and are well-marked with information boards and visitors can choose between the Romantic Porto, The Utilization of Water, Rural and Industrial Archaeology and From Golgotha ​​to Massarelos routes.

How to get there

For Porto, there are low cost flights, for example, from London (Stansted and Gatwick), Paris (Beauvais, Orly, Vatry and Charles de Gaulle), Marseille, Lille, Tours, St. Etienne, Bologna, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Madrid, Barcelona El Prat, Tenerife, Valencia and Palma de Majorca.

On in the summer are there low cost airlines flying from Liverpool, Las Palmas, Carcassonne, Rodez and Nantes.

With regular tariffs, there are flights from London Gatwick, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris Orly.

From The Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport, the best way to get to the centre of the city of Porto is by Metro. The trip will take approximately 30 minutes.

Be inspired

Choose your journey, find new places, have some fun and create memories for a lifetime.

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